Friday, February 6, 2009

Working with Bold Color

Are you scared of color? With these simple tips you can come out from under the bed and face your colorless walls with conviction. I like to use bold color as a focal point - painting one wall a vibrant color that invigorates the senses. Find colors you like. Get inspired by your favorite fruit or veggie, a shirt, or artwork. If you know of a lighter color you like or want to use on the other walls, just find the deeper tones of that particular paint. Then go to your favorite paint store and pick up a quart of the colors you are thinking of using. Create boxes using the different paint colors on the wall like my adventurous client in Allentown, PA did below. View it at different times throughout the day because color has a tendency to change with different lighting. Once the color is up-congratulations! you have turned your color dial way up.....................

.........Now it is time to bring down the volume. The KEY to the perfect bold wall is to calm it by layering neutral tones a top it. A great way to do this is to create a gallery of photos or artwork. If your pictures are small, use matted frames to enlarge them. I love the way my client's wall turned out! Have fun with color and remember 'go bold or go home'!
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