Friday, February 20, 2009

Color Trends for 2009

Want to know the ‘IT’ colors for 2009? I have been tracking this year’s color trends and a shift from bold saturated hues to more complex, toned-down shades has occurred. I have said this before and I will again, ‘trends in our society influence color choices greatly’. In 2008 our neutral palette was greatly inspired by our renewed love of our environmental. We hugged earth as we painted on tones that resembled wood, stone and natural fibers. They even had a little green in them sometimes (remember paint colors change colors throughout the day). This year, we are still in love with our planet, in a YELLOWer way. Metallic colors in umber and mustardy yellows are keeping us warm in our homes. And of course GREY tones are HOT HOT HOT. We love our high-tech steel and concrete.

The new BLUE is so not blue at all! It is more aqua; Very greeny-grey. In fact I am seeing this color in fabrics for the windows, upholstery, and rugs everywhere. It is refreshing, relaxing and I am in love with it. Check it out at your local Sherwin Williams store. It is card #30.

Now lets talk REDs, which I haven’t seen too much in the last year. Remember when everyone painted their dining room a red or wine color? Well red is all dressed up again wearing a hint of orange zest. Sherwin Williams has a few colors that evoke lush tropical flowers and fruit, with a Latin American accent called Enticing Red, Constant Coral, Ruby Shade and Insightful Rose.

PURPLEs are in. I like a good warm purple. Like shades of a plum. This color makes my skin glow. Crazily enough designers are pairing lots of these yummy warm purples with neon greens, pinks and grays. What better way to tone down your son’s collection of glow in the dark skateboards.

With spring approaching, let’s get our paint brushes, low odor, low VOC paint cans, and do our best to evoke Monet on our walls.
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