Make Your Outdoor Entry Eye Candy In One Day

Firstly, thank you for including my blog as one of your top 30 Interior Decorating Blogs For Your New Home. And also thank you to Jabbour Linens for including my blog as one of your favorite places to go for inspirational home decor.  It feels really wonderful to get positive feedback and know that ideas you share are valued!  I am blowing kisses right now.

OK, now I'd like to spend a moment talking about my new eye candy-my front outdoor entry! 

I am excited to talk about it because it is really a crime that I, a professional Interior Decorator, let this go for so long.  My outdoor entry way is so blah. The lack of dazzle has been creeping up on me like grey hairs.   My home is shaped like a box and in the four years that I have lived here I have yet to unwrap the contractor grade elements it came with. I have grand ideas of what it could be BUT until I hit the lottery and find the time and energy to really blow it up, I need to make some quick and easy changes. 

Steps to Turn Your Front Yard Into Eye Candy In One Day:
-Paint door
-Change door hardware
-Change outdoor lighting
-Add light post
-Add door 'jewelry' like a door knocker
-Add big pots of flowers
-Add border to cement walkway
-Choose a worthy welcome mat
I can't tell you enough how much this small facelift has meant to me.  As little as it was to do it has made such an impact on me emotionally; it welcomes me home every evening; and the other elements add much needed charm.
I used to try out new wreaths like they were tic-tacs but I was never happy.
 Now I love my door! The new coat of Sherwin Williams Sundried Tomato looks so warm and inviting.  And red is a lucky color.  And after changing out my welcome mat to a larger one my home shouts 'Welcome!' (more inviting and more room to wipe your feet).
I found my new Hampton Bay Classic Collection light fixture with flemish copper finish and venetian bronze Kwikset handleset at Home Depot.  The light cost $39.97 and the door hardware cost $89.
The lights that came with the house were so flat and dark.
 The finish on my new handleset befits the door and the shape and texture of the seeded glass and crackle of the finish adds character. 

Even the walkway looks great by simply adding a border of pavers on either side.  And I am still working on adding a light post, copper window box and door knocker.  So many knockers to choose from for whatever sport or hobby you are into from horse back riding, tennis, gardening to crabbing!  I am thinking about these-whimsical vs. classic.  

Isn't this squirrel oil rubbed door knocker adorable?!
I love this Baldwin S shaped one also.

Those will be the finishing touches to complete my low-cost face lift.  Until then though I have to say I feel so much happier now; I love leaving and coming home.   

Tip-if you are considering spray painting your outdoor hardware I don't recommend it.  I thought of that, did research, and found there were way too many people telling me it didn't hold up.  Instead, look for sales, look to Craigslist, E-bay.  You never know if a contractor is looking to get rid of some door handles, knobs, etc.


Anonymous said…
Hi! I had a quick question. I'm looking to find the perfect color for my front door and I LOVE the one you picked. But I noticed on the close up of your handle that that color looks for "fire engine" red than the other pictures. Do you feel like that particular picture was a more accurate display or the pictures taken from a distance?


Hi Lindsay,

That really red photo was just the sun reflecting its beautiful rays on it. It is not that red BUT I suggest getting a sample of it first so you know what you are getting:) Good luck!! Shosh
Anonymous said…
Hi Shoshana! I love what you have done to your entryway! It is a little hard to tell from the pics but are your shutters black or green? Also, does it matter what kind of door you have? Can you paint a fiberglass or steel door? Really looks amazing!

Hi back! Thank you. Shutters are green. You should have no problem painting a steel or fiberglass door. Mine is fiberglass. Best of luck!